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I'm producing a play - The Queen of england!

After a successful stint at both the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the Saltland Theatre Festival in Syracuse, NY, this new and uniquely contemporary American comedy is making its New York City debut!

Finally fed up by the dating scene in America, Drew decides she needs a change of pace. Along with the trepidatious support of her best friend Jeffrey, they journey across the pond to the United Kingdom on a quest for Drew’s dream man. Will she find her Hugh Grant type-of-love, or come back home as single as she left? There’s only one way to find out…

Friday April 12th @ 7pm

Saturday April 13th @ 3pm

Sunday April 14th @ 7pm

Monday April 15th @ 7pm

Presented at the Vino Theater - 274 Morgan Ave Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Starring Kate Crabtree, Chidube Egbo, and Josh Romeo

Written by Kate Crabtree

Directed by Jacob Musgrove

Produced by Next Stop Creatives

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